The Patriots/Clam Chowder Connection

I heard recently that to play for New England, it’s a requirement that you enjoy clam chowder.  At first I thought it odd, but then I remembered that it’s from New England, and so are the patriots!  Therefore if you connect the dots, you realize that 9/11 wasn’t a government conspiracy, and the real masterminds are the New England Patriots with help from the clam … Continue reading The Patriots/Clam Chowder Connection

Destiny 2

Tonight’s agenda after work?  Oh well that’s an easy one!  Playing Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4!  What an easy choice!  It released last night at 9pm, but I had to work early, so I only really got to play the intro, but tonight after work, no distractions, just me and my game. Well maybe some distractions like making dinner for my ten year old … Continue reading Destiny 2

Wildfires and Holiday Weekends and First Days of School

I don’t know where you might be from, (Texas not included) but here in the Pacific Northwest there’s been a lot of issues with wildfires and the residual smoke and ash in surrounding areas.  So traffics been bad and air quality worse.  No one can breathe and everything has a light dusting of ash.  It’s crazy.   It was a holiday weekend too, so everyone … Continue reading Wildfires and Holiday Weekends and First Days of School